Pipe for Gas, Water and Oil Separator

In the oil production, an industrial oil water separator or a water oil separator system is required to separate the production fluid into each entity. The oil separator could be vertical tube or horizontal tube. To increase the separation, the separator equipped with coalescer oil water separator and oil mist separator. For small oil water separator, the operator sometimes uses centrifugal oil water separator. If the gas quantity can be separated in aerated oil water separator tank, an oil and water separator is adequate to handle the fluid stream. On the other hand, oil gas separator is used if the water volume is small.

This invention is quite simple to function as a separator.  The inventor protects the simple idea under patent law. Even the application is intended for sea bed fluid processing, it is also applicable for surface oil water separator.

Figure 1: Pipe for gas, water amd oil separator

The pipe for gas, water and oil separator or pipe separator is a pipe which inside diameter is bigger than flowline (Figure 1), could be 3 to 5 times of flowline inside diameter. The length can be 6 to 10 joints of pipe depend on fluid flow characteristics. At the end of the pipe separator, a liquid stopper in the form of a pipe loop is installed to catch liquid which will be diverted to another flowline.

Fluid multiphase flow correlation such as developed by Beggs and Brill can be used to evaluate flow regimes. The stratified flow is more satisfactory. To prevent slug or plug flows, a water cyclone separator can be installed upstream of pipe separator.

Electrostatic coalescer oil water separator also can be installed on the body of pipe separator to increase the drop of coalescence and destabilizes an oil-water interface.

To maintain the processing unit, a pig is launched periodically. Figure 1 above describes more details.

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