Patent Wall of Oil and Gas Company

Compared to previous year, granted patent in 2012 for 6 major service, oil and gas companies increase 9%. Schlumberger Technology Corporation (Sugar Land, TX) was still the most active assignee (Figure 1). Schlumberger Technology Corporation has 468 granted patents on its patent wall of 2012. Halliburton booked for the highest number in additional granted patent with 50 granted patents more than 2011.

Figure 1: Granted patents in 2012

Drilling and completion category was the most active research (Figure 2). Baker hughes contributes the most with more than 200 patents in drilling and completion.

Figure 2: Research activities in 2012

On the patent wall, Schlumberger spent most of its research budget for reservoir evaluation and engineerings such as measuring streaming potentials, determining formation parameters, and directional resistivity measurements. Baker Hughes and Halliburton were both busy in drilling and completion researches such as Hybrid bit and Acid-soluble cement compositions.  Similar to the previous year, Chevron, Shell, and BP focused on Petrochemical such as High octane aviation fuel composition, aromatics hydrogenation catalyst, and Carbonylation process.

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