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Based on data research companies in 2011, 6 major oil companies and service companies produce more than 1000 granted patents.  The company with the highest number of invention is Schlumberger Technology Corporation with more than 400 granted patents (Figure 1). Major oil companies produce less granted patents. Furthermore oil company such as Chevron U.S.A. Inc. (San Ramon, CA) only receive less than 200 patent certificates.

Figure 1: Granted patents in 2011

The inventions are mostly in production and operation activities (Figure 2). Schlumberger contributes the most with 173 granted patents span from production management, measuring flowrate, cable, fluid filter, well treatments to ICD (Inflow Control Device). Major oil companies only have 66 patents in the activity.

Figure 2: Research activities in 2011

Schlumberger as a logging company have been done research mostly on rSchlumberger as a logging company has been done research mostly on reservoir evaluation and engineering (188 granted patents). Forty five patents are in the logging, formation and reservoir evaluation such as logging tool, induction resistivity tool, formation evaluation system, and integrated reservoir optimization. Additionally, people in SLB research center are also loaded with many novel ideas in drilling and completion activities such as steerable drilling system, well treatments, and completing a multiple zone well.

Baker hughes and Halliburton look similar to Schlumberger. Their research activities are mostly in drilling, completion, production, and operation.

Contrary to service companies, major oil companies are busy with petrochemical research activities. More than 35% of the research that turns out to be granted patent are on petrochemical inventions such as lubricating oil compositions and low sulfur alkylate gasoline fuel. Shell got 60 granted patents on petrochemical inventions out of total 162 patents. Shell has many petrochemical products in the supermarket and automobile service stores.

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