Oil and Gas Research Activities

Figure 1: Granted patents in 2013
Figure 2: Research activities in 2013
Figure 3: Three years research activities

The following is the figures of research activities in oil and gas industry for the year of 2013:

  1. Schlumberger receives the highest number of granted patents (Figure 1). Mostly in reservoir evaluation and engineering such as interpreting well test measurements and estimating fluid flow in a reservoir.
  2. Overall, mostly granted patent is in drilling and completion activities (29%, Figure 2).
  3. Chevron has the most active research activities among oil and gas producers (Figure 3).
  4. Research activities of oil and gas companies are mostly in petrochemicals such as continuous catalyst activator and olefin oligomer composition.
  5. Baker Hughes and Halliburton researches are mainly in drilling and completion such as modular hybrid drill bit and polysaccharide-based cement additives.
  6. The highest increase in 2013 granted patent is 102 granted patents received by Halliburton (Figure 3)

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