Development of Naturally Fractured Oil and Gas Formation

Generally, shale and carbonate reservoirs have low permeability or low ability to flow fluids and are naturally fractured oil and gas formation. Core analysis and pressure build up test (PBU test) can confirm the existing of fractures.

It is the development team decision how to develop the well efficiently and economically. The numbers of wells to be drilled, the spacing between wells, and the main horizons to be developed are some parameters to be decided.

Let’s assume that the formation has fractures, consolidated reservoir, and multi-phases fluid. By referring to the article “Choosing Well Completion Oil and Gas”, the field can be developed by stimulation and hydraulic fracturing. A horizontal well is most likely better than a vertical well. The horizontal well might require a horizontal fracturing or hydro fracturing.

Fracturing exploration well and appraisal well is required to answer how big is the fracturing area and drainage radius to economically develop the field. Geomechanical data (image log), formation properties (induction log, resistivity log, etc.) and production test data (Pressure buildup test, Rapid formation test, or Pressure drawdown test) are combined to design the fracturing. During fracturing, microseismic data are collected. The microseismic data can show the fracture geometry. By combining the microseismic data with others, several simulators are re-run to conclude well spacing and production forecasts.

Figure 1: Flowchart for developing naturally fractured formation

Figure 1 shows the flowchart of naturally fractured oil and gas formation development. Please note that the flowchart is used if the development team decides to develop the field by fracturing all wells. Since developing the oil / gas field is dynamic, the flowchart can be put in ellipse “Development” in the article “Integrated Optimization from Reservoir Simulation Model to Facilities Upgrading”. The fracturing projects are put in box “Project”. Probably, during the life of the field, flooding is required to make better sweeping.

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